Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Strain Travels: New York Sour Diesel

Sharkey here!  So in my last post I posted about the different types of weed I have tried; and how I am working at trying as many different types of weed that I possibly can. Well this time we got New York Sour Diesel and Sour Grape. Yay 2 more "flavors"

First I am going to talk about New York Sour Diesel. NYCD, as they call it, is the baby of Sour Diesel and some Afghan Indica. I liked it. It was earthy and has a pretty good high. For me, it wasn't as smooth as the Grape Ape. It made me cough a couple times and burned my throat a little, but the high was worth it. The top reasons NYCD is recommended is because its potency and its effect. Most people have commented that it makes you feel euphoric. Medically, the strain is great for stress, anxiety, and pain. My only downside NYCD is the dry mouth and eyes. This has definitely left me with more cotton mouth than my other strain travels. I make sure to have water with me, for sure. I do recommend at least trying this strain though, because the high was pretty damn good. The bud looks AMAZING! It is long and lean and full of crystals. Breathtakingly beautiful!

Stay tuned the next few days for my other blog about Sour Grape. yum

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