Thursday, January 12, 2012

Video of the Day | ZomBeans Game Intro

I love zombies. I love free apps. I love my hometown of Kenosha and I especially love my good friend Donovan Scherer of Ratatat graphics. His book series, Fear and Sunshine, is a fun story about a little hippie girl named Sunshine and a mad scientist. Sunshine learns that she is heiress to a great monster making dynasty and begins her life learning the trade. During one of her and the doc’s experiments, an accident occurs and ZomBeans are created. These terrible, undead beans can only be destroyed by flinging brains at them.

This is the story behind the addictive little app my buddy Don made. It is free to download, so check out ZomBeans. For today’s video, I bring you Fear and Sunchine Presents: ZomBeans

1 comment:

  1. This looks seriously addictive. So glad it's on Android, too! Going to download down! Thanks for the recommendation.