Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review: Zombies Anonymous

So Netflix told me I should watch the movie ZA: Zombies Anonymous and I agreed. So here I am, watching a movie that takes place in a world where the mortally challenged and the living coexist. These zombies can walk, talk, think, and act just like the living - so check any sense of reality at the door.

The story follows Angela, a woman who is murdered by her boyfriend and becomes a zombie. She is then sucked into a battle between a group of living militants and a group of undead extremists. Her boyfriend joins the battle against the undead and tons of bloodshed ensues.

First thing I want to note is that ZA: Zombie Anonymous is not a comedy, at least not intentionally. It is cheesy with some bad acting, which is to be expected at this level, and that does make it seem more comical at times. The story is a civil rights drama at its core. Angela ends up losing her job since many places will not employ zombies. The living are zombie bashing like it's a sport, and no zombie is safe. This causes a zombie calling herself Mother Solstice to start a group of the undead to fight against the humans.

The movie is not a bad concept, as a whole, and I think given a budget and a re-write, there is a great concept in there. What this movie does do is make you think, if even a little. What if Z Day comes and the dead are not the mindless, corpses we have all envisioned and trained for? Your mom comes back from the dead and is completely normal (minus the breathing thing), could you shoot her?

When I first started watching this movie, I was not expecting what I got. That was due in part to Netflix not knowing what a comedy is, but also partly that it got me into it, plain and simple. I know this sounds bad, but low budget, cheesy horror is usually a real struggle for me to get into. ZA: Zombies Anonymous started out that way, but after a little bit, I saw myself pausing to use the bathroom instead of just letting it play. That's gotta say something, right?

I would recommend this movie for most zombie fans. It has some (cheesy) gore, but it is a little different than the norm. I am a sucker for civil rights dramas in bizarre settings (White Man's Burden ), and this has its decent moments where you really root for Angela and feel for the undead. Check this movie out on a rental and enjoy and hour and a half of cheesy zombie drama.

Notable Scene: The Commandant takes a new recruit turned zombie out to kill him. The scene sucks you in as the new zombie begs for his life and just the chance to say good bye to his mom. Real heart shines through here.

You can find ZA: Zombies Anonymous at many online outlets, including here at Amazon.

ZA: Zombies Anonymous Cast
Gina Ramsden - Angela
Joshua Nelson - Josh
Written and Directed by Marc Fratto

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