Wednesday, January 4, 2012

iChill Relaxation Shot Review

My girlfriend comes in from checking the mail last week and hands me a package with my name on it. Like most people, I got excited. I open it with the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas and see a bottle of iChill. I apparently ordered a free sample at some point. So once my disappointment subsided, I decided to do something useful with this sample. I have decided to write up a review, for any of you stoners out there that are thinking about trying iChill out.

Short review: Do Not Buy It. 

The major ingredient in iChill relaxation shots is melatonin. This natural chemical is produced in mammals and plants. When used as a dietary supplement, melatonin will generally help you fall asleep. You can find this natural supplement in almost any health and beauty section in America or places like Amazon. For the price you pay for two bottles of iChill, you can pick up a big bottle of melatonin pills. The other ingredients in iChill are also natural, but none that pull in the relaxation power of the main ingredient.

The taste of iChill is very similar to those energy shots, but not quite as bitter. I drank my whole bottle, while smoking my normal amount of green, and within an hour, I did feel a great deal sleepier. There is no doubt that iChill works, but for the price, it is just not worth it.

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