Sunday, January 15, 2012

Go Sharkey: Weed Vision

Sharkey here! I have watched Super Troopers numerous times even before I became a stoner. It’s a pretty funny movie sober but its hilarious high! There are things you just can appreciate as much about the movie sober! I guess its one of those things like when you buy a red car then you realize how many other red cars there are around you, or how you never noticed exactly how many slug bugs there are on the road until you get hit for them? Well I realized some things I never noticed about weed until I became a smoker! So I sat down and watched Super Troopers with the bf and noticed in the opening scene that there are 3 different bags of weed used for the opening scene! I am posting the 3 different pictures from the opening scenes below.


In the first picture is where they are being pulled over and they are trying to get rid of the weed so he is handing it back to the kid in the backseat, in this picture the weed looks to be about a quarter and it looks ground up


Here in the second scene is when the cop is at the window showing them the bag they threw out the window, first off the bag is thinner looking (the other looks like a regular ziploc bag) plus they are buds; they aren't ground up.


The third picture is when Mac is speeding by so they zoom out the camera angle and you can see the cop still holding the bag of weed and it is once again in a ziploc looking baggie; however, it is a lot less than the first scene, the last scene looks more like an eighth.

I have NEVER noticed this the 10 times I watched the movie before I started smoking weed. Now it seems like anything weed related jumps at me. Stay tuned more Go Sharkey posts to come.

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