Thursday, January 5, 2012

Go Sharkey: A Stoner is Born

Sharkey here to introduce myself in the first blog post of mine. I am new to the stoner realm - I know crazy right?!? I was never the kind of kid to try different things as a child because I was too shy. I had always wanted to try marijuana but I never really had an opportunity to do so. Then I met my boyfriend who is a proud stoner. I wanted to try smoking pot with him several times but I was afraid I would cough and then look stupid haha. I know now I totally over thought this! I have seen that everyone coughs even after smoking for quite a long time, something that makes me smile when someone else does it as I don't feel so stupid then! So I FINALLY tried it and here we are! I figured as I move along I could share my newbie experiences and anything that I find interesting I could post here on The Unemployed Stoners. My next blog post I will be sharing my experience the first time I smoked pot so make sure that you bookmark us, check back often for updates and don't forget to go check out our merch site for all your stoner needs!

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